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Reliable Heating Oil Delivery To:

Reliable Heating Oil Delivery To:


What type of service do you offer?

We offer two types of service:

  • Automatic refill: This type of service is customized by the client and outdoor temperature, square footage of oil heated space, and HVAC equipment efficiencies. This service takes the hassle out of monitoring your oil levels and eliminates the stress of losing heat during the coldest months of the year. We will keep you on a rotating schedule and, based on the above factors and your preferences, create your customized automatic refill account.

  • Will call: This is when you monitor your own usage and call when you need an oil delivery. Our minimum delivery is 100 gallons but generally, the more gallons of oil you purchase, the lower the price per gallon. It is wise to NOT let your tank run out of oil. You can measure your tank with a meter/yard stick or tape measure to see how much oil is in your tank.

Is Heating Oil safe?

Absolutely! It is important to Olympic Energy that your heating system is safe and efficient. Oil heat does not burn in a liquid state. In order to ignite heating oil, it must be heated above 140 degrees, the temperature at which it will vaporize. If there is a malfunction in your system, you will notice visible warning signs: smoke release from furnace, visible soot. These warnings are indicators that something is wrong; however you will notice this long before carbon monoxide is released into the air.

Is Oil Heat efficient?

Oil heat has long been known to provide efficient and comfortable warmth; that efficiency has improved over the years. You can now find furnaces with the Energy Star label indicating that they are technologically advanced and clean burning.

Is Heating Oil clean?

Today’s oil heat technology has been found to be virtually soot-free by the US Department of Energy. Due to advances in technology, oil heat is 95% cleaner than 25 years ago and not required to be regulated by the Federal Clean Air Act. For older systems, emission can be reduced with regular, professional tune-ups.

What if my furnace/boiler doesn’t start?

  1. Check fuses and circuit breakers—furnace cannot operate without power
  2. Check your oil level
  3. If you have plenty of oil in your tank, turn your thermostat up
  4. Press and hold the restart button on furnace for 30 seconds (only one time)
  5. If furnace turns on, adjust your thermostat to a comfortable level
  6. If furnace does NOT turn on, you will need to contact a qualified burner service man: check tank or boiler for company sticker to see who has been maintaining equipment as they will most likely have full maintenance records.

How can I find out the size of my tank?

The easiest way is to have the tank filled from empty; however that is not always possible. The most common above ground tank is 275 gallons and measure 44” high by 60” wide and 27” deep. Below ground tanks vary in size. On your next delivery, ask the driver to measure tank before and after delivery and we can generally estimate the size. Most common below ground tanks are 300, 550 and 675.

How much will it cost to heat my house?

Energy prices vary daily, seasonally, globally making it hard to estimate heating costs from year to year. Other factors like outside temperature, size of house, insulation, hours of peak use, etc. also vary making it hard for us to estimate individual usage. To determine your own usage, it is best to monitor how many gallons you burn through in the winter season. Also, a well-maintained oil heat system helps will fuel efficiency—it pays to have your furnace maintained every 4-5 years.

What does Certified Clean Idle mean?

Certified Clean Idle is a designation given when Diesel Trucks are guaranteed to release zero emissions into the air when idling or making an oil delivery. Our fleet is guaranteed Certified Clean Idle which means we are leading the way to providing clean diesel technology on the west coast!

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Delivery Area

Bainbridge Island

Olympic Energy is proud to cross Agate Pass each day to bring heating oil to Bainbridge Island residents. Every corner of this island provides unique landscapes and little treasures to be found…like our personal favorite, the Bloedel Reserve.


This thriving community surrounded by Liberty Bay has a quaint downtown, settled by Scandinavians, and is home to many of our heating oil Customers. We love our Poulsbo customers and the energy they bring to their community!


While Silverdale doesn’t have as many heating oil residents as our other communities, we are still grateful to have a presence here. Our dog, Blu, loves to take us for a run along the Clear Creek Trail!


We are proud to call Bremerton the “home” of Olympic Energy. In the 8 years that owners, Zach and Rebecca Dougherty, have lived here, they have seen so much growth and support in their community. From working with Habitat for Humanity to supporting Coffee Oasis, we are proud to serve the residents of Bremerton.

Port Orchard

A quaint, waterfront community in Sinclair inlet that we are honored to have heating oil residents in. Catching the foot ferry to Port Orchard and exploring the shops and eateries downtown is one of our favorite things to do!

Gig Harbor

The gorgeous back drop of Gig Harbor makes it hard for our delivery drives to leave once they get here! Meandering through the hills and harbor, delivering your heating oil, is a special experience.

Port Townsend

This laid back yet hip community is one of our favorite weekend destinations! And, while Port Townsend in not on our general delivery route, we are interested in providing heating oil to this community. We encourage “co-op” delivery and pricing: if you know of other people who are looking for a heating oil provider and we can coordinate a group delivery, please consider Olympic Energy!

Port Ludlow

This is one of the more recent communities that we are interested in expanding into. Please give us a call for a price quote and to see when we will be in your neighborhood next!

Fox Island

If you are fortunate enough to live in this quaint community, we’d be honored to be your heating oil provider! We pass by Fox Island most days and would love the opportunity to hop on the island and take care of your heating oil needs.

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The abrupt closure of Pettit Oil Co. in January froze out thousands of heating oil customers in the middle of winter. The bankruptcy also created a void in the West Sound petroleum business that competitors have rushed to fill.

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